Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Update!

Today I started my new job. I think it went pretty well :) yay!

Anyway, I decided I really needed some neutral eyeshadows, just for something nice and easy I can wear to work or if I'm not feeling very inspired. I had been doing some looking around for neutral mac eyeshadows and dupes for them as I don't have a whole lot of $$$. Anyway, I found some reviews on Inglot makeup and, seeing as I conveniently have a store located where I live, I decided I HAD to buy a palette :D

I have been there a few times before, and have a few of their products (gel liner, loose pigments and some lashes, but thats it). So today I went there, and filled a 5 pan eyeshadow palette with gorgeous neutral shades.

Also, while I was at work today, something came in the mail! I returned home to find a lovely little yellow package patiently waiting on the kitchen table for me to rip it open! Inside I found my Aromaleigh order! I paid for it on the 2nd June, and got it today on the 10th! Super fast shipping!

Anyway, I bought 13 eyeshadow samples, and got 3 free samples with the order. And OH MY GOD... VISUAL ORGASM!!!!

All the colours I got are SUPER sparkly and oh so pretty! And one of the free samples I got is the most unique colour I have seen in quite some time. Never seen anything like it! In the sample baggie it looks like a pastel baby yellow... swatch it and it is a gorgeous mixture of a pale yellow with blue highlights! Its so different yet so intriguing... I don't even know how to wear this colour, but I am determined to find an awesome combo :)

So I basically just wanted to update and let you know I have a haul/swatch post coming up veryyy soon, along with many prettyfull FOTD/EOTD's :D

Sarz xxx

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