Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nail Art!

This is what I did for a TAFE Nail Art assessment a couple of weeks ago. Considering I've never really done much nail art, I was quite impressed with my efforts and pleased with how it turned out.

We were able to base our assessment on anything we desired, whether that be christmas, easter, halloween, nature, star signs, etc. I wanted to do something bright, fun and exciting, so I based mine on COLOUR.

Anyway, I hope someone at least finds this interesting. Let me know what you think :)

Products Used

· Revlon Red Nail Polish

· Sally Hansen Orange Nail Polish

· China Glaze Neon Orange Nail Polish

· Bright Orange Glitter

· Red Rhinestones

· Paper Cup with Water

· Toothpick

· Clear Top Coat

1. Create the water marbled pattern by dropping balls of each nail polish colour one by one onto the surface of the water in the paper cup. Start with the red, then place the orange inside the red, then the neon orange inside the regular orange. Repeat this 2-3 times.

2. Use a toothpick to swirl the colours and create your desired pattern.

3. Dip the nail into the water through the nail polish design on the surface. Wipe away excess polish with your toothpick, then remove the nail and sit to dry.

4. Once dried, precisely paint a swirl of colour from the marbled effect with clear nail polish.

5. While it’s still wet, sprinkle some orange glitter over the top.

6. Add some red rhinestones to jazz up the design.

7. To complete, seal with a coat of clear nail polish.

Products Used

· Purple Nail Polish

· Purple Rhinestones

· Purple Glitter

· Konad Nail Art Stamping Kit

· Clear Top Coat

1. Paint the nail with 2 coats of purple nail polish.

2. Once dry, paint the tip with clear nail polish.

3. While still wet, sprinkle the tip with the purple glitter.

4. Then go ahead and add purple rhinestones across the smile line when the glitter stops.

5. Now using konad nail art stamping kit, add the flower design.

6. Complete the nail with a clear top coat.

Products Used:

· Purple Nail Polish

· Green Nail Polish

· Teal Nail Polish

· Purple Glitter

· Nail Art Stickers

· Nail Pearls

· Paper Cup with Water

· Toothpick

· Clear Top Coat

1. Create the water marbled pattern using the purple, teal and green nail polishes using the same technique as the red nail.

2. Place a butterfly nail sticker in the centre of the nail.

3. Paint over a coloured swirl with clear top coat and sprinkle with purple glitter while it’s wet.

4. Add a smaller butterfly sticker to the design.

5. Place the mini nail pearls as a trail from the main butterfly. Add any extras to the design as desired.

6. Finish with a coat of clear top coat.

Products Used:

· Neon Orange Nail Polish

· Orange Nail Polish

· Orange Glitter

· Bright Orange Glitter

· Nail Art Stickers

· Makeup Sponge

1. Using a makeup sponge, place some neon orange nail polish on one corner and dab onto the top half of the nail.

2. Repeat this step with the regular orange nail polish starting from the bottom and working up to the neon orange.

3. Work back and forth between the 2 colours to get an even gradient.

4. Place the bat stickers as desired

5. Paint a layer of clear top coat to the bottom of the nail and carry it up the sides of the nail around the stickers.

6. While still wet, sprinkle the orange glitter across the very bottom of the nail, then sprinkle the brighter orange glitter so it overlaps the previous glitter then fades up towards the tip.

7. Complete with clear top coat.

Products Used:

· Teal Nail Polish

· Teal/Aqua Glitter

· Reflective Green Mylar Flakes

· Tweezers

· Clear Top Coat

1. Paint the nail with 2 coats of teal nail polish.

2. While the 2nd coat is still wet, sprinkle the glitter over the entire nail.

3. Once completely dry, paint a thick layer of clear top coat.

4. While it’s wet, use tweezers to pick up and place small pieces of mylar to create a broken mirror/discoball effect.

5. To finish, paint 2 thick layers of clear top coat.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, December 2, 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hellooooo lovely followers!

It's such a miserable day here today. It's the 2nd day of summer and its cold and cloudy.

I have made a new tutorial for you guys! This is a look inspired by MAC's holiday glitter and ice collection. Hope you all like it!

  • MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot
  • MAC For Effect Paint Pot
  • Wet N Wild Greed Palette
  • MAC Reflects Pearl Glitter
  • MAC Industrial Pearlglide Eyeliner
  • MAC Fresh Ice Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • MAC Shimmermint Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • MAC Blushbaby Blush
  • MAC Snowglobe Beauty Powder
  • MAC Secret Lover Lipstick
  • MAC Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass

I'd love to hear what you think about this look!
Here's the tutorial:

Thanks for stopping by!