Friday, June 4, 2010

Interview Appropriate Makeup

This is my take on interview appropriate makeup. I'm not saying this is the only makeup acceptable at all, everyone is different. This is what I wore to my job interview last week and I got the job! :D

Please click the pictures for a larger view =]

I started off with the eyes. Lately instead of using a liquid or gel liner I have been using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean on an angled eyeliner brush (Sigma ss266). So I got some of the Black Bean on the brush and applied it to my upper lashline, starting about halfway in and sweeping to where the eye finishes. I then got more on the brush and did the same thing on the lower lashline, but starting on the outside and sweeping inwards so that most of the product is on the outer part of the lashline. Then, with whatever was left on the brush, I softly dragged the black bean downwards on the outer part of the lashline where the line was thickest. This blends it out so it isn't a harsh line.

I then wiped the brush clean and used NYX's Black eyeshadow to set the Black Bean pencil. Once I had done that I used a small pencil brush (Sigma ss219) and softly ran that along the lower lashline, at the very edge of the liner, this softens the line even more. You can even use a small amount of face powder at this step, if you wish, to help you blend.

I then used NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (white) to line my water line. You can use any white eyeliner for this step. This will open your eyes up and make you look more awake. I didn't bother, but you can set this with a matte white eyeshadow if you want it to stay all day.

The next step is mascara. I use Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara and I love it. For me, it really separates and lengthens my lashes.

Next do your face makeup, whether its full foundation, just concealor with powder, or just powder on its own. What ever makes you feel comfortable. If you're going to do full foundation, make sure your foundation colour is right for your skin tone, or you will just look silly. Also, please don't go overboard! Noone is going to want to hire you if you look like a clown or an oompa loompa!

To top it off, use a NATURAL looking blush (if you wish) that suits your skin tone. So, obviously if you're very pale, don't use anything too red or too dark. I used one by Bourjois (16 Rose) that is a coral/peach type colour. I love Bourjois blushes because they are scented, I guess its somewhat florally, but its a nice effect :)

Also, If you really want, you can add a highlight to the cheeks and/or fill in your brows, but this is totally up to you. In these photos I have used MAC's Moon River Mineralize Blush as a highlight, but only with a very light hand. I'm not sure if you can even tell.

I recommend leaving lips natural. I have simply used a lip balm to make sure they aren't all dry looking.

The number 1 tip I can give anyone for a job interview is to be yourself and smile! :D

I hope this is helpful to some people. Over the next couple of days I will be adding Heavenly Natural Beauty eyeshadow review and swatches.

Thanks for looking! xx

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