Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heavenly Natural Beauty Review and Swatches!

I would like to share with you guys the amazingness that is Heavenly Natural Beauty. It was quite a while back that I bought my first lot of their eyeshadows, and I have to say, I was impressed. They have a HUGE range of colours and textures to choose from and also sell face and lip products, as well as brushes, bath and body products AND perfume! They are sure to have something for everyone.

Ok, onto the swatches:

(Left = swatched over NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil/ Right = No Base)

Top to Bottom:

Cha Cha, Danger, Pot O Gold, Logic, Panic, Hypnotic, Superstar, Genius, Deep Ocean, Diva, Enchantress, Furious, Sugar & Spice.

Please click the images for a larger view!

(Top to bottom)
Superstar, Genius, Deep Ocean, Diva, Enchantress, Furious, Sugar & Spice.

(Top to bottom)
Cha Cha, Danger, Pot O Gold, Logic, Panic, Hypnotic, Superstar

These two (and Pot O Gold) were free samples sent with my order. With You (left) and Fairytale (right).

Cha Cha: "This Pigment beautiful pigment is a sparkly peach with hints of golden glimmer. Very sparkley".

Danger: "Danger Eye Candy is a dangerously desirable intense color, not for the meek or mild. If you have a bit of a wild side then you'll love this color, it is not a usual everyday run of the mill sort of color. But then again you are not an everyday run of the mill sort of person. So get some today!

Danger is a vibrant Orange with golden undertones and highlights."

Pot O Gold: Pot O Gold Eye Candy is a sparkly shimmery Gold which pairs up nicely with many colors including purples, blues, even black. Pot O Gold has a nice glittery shimmer. A nice compliment to all skin tones.

Logic: Logic Eye Candy, is a beautiful translucent pigment that is yellow with a very sparkly light gold under tone, very flattering.

Panic: Panic Eye Candy is a delicious green which pairs up nicely with many colors including purples, blues, even black. Panic has a nice shimmer but is not overly glittery. A very pretty green.

Hypnotic: Hypnotic Eye Candy is a stunning green with a slight teal feel. A very Pretty color, it is matte, so it is not shimmery.

Superstar: Superstar Eye Candy is and amazing intense blue. A very unique color that goes well with many combinations including other blues, greens, purples, it would look great with gold too.

Genius: Intense deep navy blue. Use this color for an exciting new twist on the smokey eye.

Deep Ocean: Deep Ocean Eye Candy is a very vibrant Opaque blue, use sparingly for a slight hint of color or use a lot for and intense true blue.

Diva: This Pigment is a lovely true deep purple. This is a great color for any girl, bust especially great for those who happen to have hazel or green eyes.

Furious: Furious Eye Candy is a intense and fiery black with hints of glorious reds and purples.

Sugar & Spice: This Pigment beautiful pigment is a mysterious color it looks like a light muted lavander color but when you put it on it turns a fiery purplish copper color. Very nice color.

* Enchantress wasn't on the site. I guess its no longer available.

I found the matte colours (Deep Ocean and Hypnotic) to be extremely difficult to work with. They appear incredibly pigmented, but it is quite difficult to place the colour, and blending is almost out of the picture. I also thought Hypnotic was a bit on the chalky side. Definately wouldn't recommend these two, but I'm not sure if their other mattes are similar.

As for all the others, they are fantasticly pigmented and very easy to work with. I would definately recommend their eyeshadows to anyone interested in makeup.

I have only purchased the sample sizes, both in baggies and in jars, and they definately contain a reasonable amount of eyeshadow that will last quite some time. I can't remember exactly how long shipping took, but I as far as I can remember, the packages arrived in decent time.

My faves are Diva, the most gorgeous purple, and Danger, a stunningly bright orange!

I never realised how pretty Genius was until I made these swatches. Definately going to use that one more often.

Would I purchase again? Most definately :D

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I purchased all products besides the free samples they send with each order. These are 100% my honest opinions.

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