Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cherry Culture Haul'in

I recently made an order at Cherry Culture. Here's what I got!

3 pairs of NYX lashes, 2 nailpolishes, 3 NYX lipglosses (2 megashine, 1 round), 1 LA Colors lipgloss, 1 NYX lipline, 1 NYX lipstick and a felt tip eyeliner!

Top to Bottom: EL109, EL104, EL143 Funky Diva.
With the 104's, I plan on cutting them in the middle to get 2 pairs of half lashes :D

NYX Lipstick in 'Circe', Round Lipgloss in 'Whipped', Megashine Lipgloss in 'African Queen' and 'Taupe', LA Colors Lipgloss in 'Banana Split'.

NYX Lipliner in 'Natural'.

LA Colors nailpolishes in 'Shocker' and 'enchanting'.

Now onto the swatches!

'Shocker' - A gorgeous pink with blue sheen.

'Enchanting' - A purple-ish base with lots of golden sheen.

Top left: Jordana Fabuliner Felt Tip Liquid Liner (Black)
Top Right: LA Colors Lipgloss (Banana Split)
Middle: NYX Lipglosses (Whipped, Taupe, African Queen)
Bottom: NYX Lipliner (Natural)
Veryyy Bottom: NYX Lipstick (Circe, swatched with Whipped lipgloss over it on the left side)

Thanks for looking! :)

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