Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Makeupholic's Giveaway!

Just want to let you know the gorgeous Makeupholic is having her first giveaway for reaching 250+ followers, featuring awesome MAC prizes! Who doesn't love MAC right?! So congrats on all the followers :D

Head on over to for more info and to enter! Its really easy!

Good luck to everyone that enters!


Cherry Culture Haul'in

I recently made an order at Cherry Culture. Here's what I got!

3 pairs of NYX lashes, 2 nailpolishes, 3 NYX lipglosses (2 megashine, 1 round), 1 LA Colors lipgloss, 1 NYX lipline, 1 NYX lipstick and a felt tip eyeliner!

Top to Bottom: EL109, EL104, EL143 Funky Diva.
With the 104's, I plan on cutting them in the middle to get 2 pairs of half lashes :D

NYX Lipstick in 'Circe', Round Lipgloss in 'Whipped', Megashine Lipgloss in 'African Queen' and 'Taupe', LA Colors Lipgloss in 'Banana Split'.

NYX Lipliner in 'Natural'.

LA Colors nailpolishes in 'Shocker' and 'enchanting'.

Now onto the swatches!

'Shocker' - A gorgeous pink with blue sheen.

'Enchanting' - A purple-ish base with lots of golden sheen.

Top left: Jordana Fabuliner Felt Tip Liquid Liner (Black)
Top Right: LA Colors Lipgloss (Banana Split)
Middle: NYX Lipglosses (Whipped, Taupe, African Queen)
Bottom: NYX Lipliner (Natural)
Veryyy Bottom: NYX Lipstick (Circe, swatched with Whipped lipgloss over it on the left side)

Thanks for looking! :)


Just wanted to let you guys know that Aromaleigh is calling it quits after 12 years. I'm quite saddened by this as I first ordered from them just over a month ago, got my order and absolutely loved their eyeshadows, and now, they'll soon be gone and no longer creating beautiful products :(

If you have tried them, or have ever wanted to, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!! You can get a generous 35% off your order using the coupon code "ADIEU35" for the next 2 weeks only.

For more information, head over to their news update:

I have already placed my order, inlcluding a full size jar of my new favourite "Poison Utopia"

xx Farewell Aromaleigh xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sigma World Cup 2010 Contest Entry

This is my contest entry to Sigma's World Cup 2010 Makeup Contest on Youtube. As I am Australian, our colours are green and gold, and as you can see, thats what I have based my makeup on!

I used:
  • Naked Eyeshadow Base
  • 120 Palette
  • Aromaleigh "Cricket" eyeshadow
  • Naked Gold shimmery pigment
  • NYX Black Eyeshadow
  • NYX Black Bean (as eyeliner, set with the black eyeshadow)
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl-Black
  • Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

  • Bourjois Blush - 16 Rose
  • Covergirl Lipstick- Nude Shine
  • Clear Gloss




Poison Utopia TUTORIAL!

Heyy guys! Sorry I've kinda disappeared for a while, my laptop charger shit itself and I had to wait to get a new one. Anywayyy, to get back into the swing of things, here is my first blog tutorial!

And I apologise in advance for the shitty photos :(

Onto the tutorial :) ...

1. Prime your eyes. I used Naked Cosmetics eyeshadow base.
2. Apply NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base. Blend with your finger up into your crease like so :

3. Next take a fluffy crease brush (eg; MAC/Sigma 217) and load it up with Mourning's Whimsy from Aromaleigh, then put this into your crease.

4. Next take and matte black eyeshadow (NYX Black, MAC Carbon) on a flat eyeshadow brush (eg; MAC/Sigma 239) and put that all over the lid, up to the crease, then blend that with the purple.

NOTE: You may need to reapply the crease colour after this step, with a patting motion to bring out the colours full potential.

5. Next take the same flat brush and load it up with Poison Utopia from Aromaleigh and pat it all over the black eyeshadow on the lid. This will bring out the gorgeous purple sparkles in it.

6. Use a black eyeliner to line the lower lashline and waterline. Go over the pencil on the lashline with the Poison Utopia. This works best on an angled eyeliner brush such as the SS266.

7. Apply any pink/purple eyeshadow that has a blue duochrome to it in the inner corner. I used Sugarbaby's Pink Blink (which I believe is unavailable), but MAC's vellum would be great to use. So many different cosmetic brands make eyeshadows with a blue duochrome, so you can substitute and use anything you already have.

8. Lastly, apply liquid/gel/cream eyeliner to the top lashline and apply mascara!

I'm very sorry some steps are missing images! My camera's macro function is extremely shit at the best of time.

Any questions, comments, requests, constructive criticism... just leave me a comment :)

Hope this was helpful!


Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I recently did a mini Inglot haul! This is what I got!

  • Freedom 5 eyeshadow palette
  • AMC Nail Enamel
  • Sleek Lipgloss
[click images to enlarge]

Let me just say, the packaging of these palettes is amazing! The whole palette is magnetized, so not only are the eyeshadows stuck to the base of the palette, the lid is magnetized as well! And its a really strong connection, so you don't have to worry about it "falling off".

I was after some really nice neutral shades as I don't seem to have many and would find them very handy for the days when I'm in a rush or something. The girl working there was really nice and she helped me pick out the colours I wanted, still suggesting colours that might go together, but without being pushy about it.

In total, I got two shimmers, one matte, one pearl, and one sparkly :D

Here are some swatches!

Up the very top is the sleek lipgloss #43 (a lovely golden shimmer with a hint of orangy red goodness).

The top row is swatched over NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil, the middle row over Naked Eyeshadow Base, and the bottom row is swatched on its own with no base. How good is that colour pay off ?!

I believe the colours are numbers: #463 (sparkly), #21 OR #8 (both shimmer), #406 (pearl), #21 OR #8 (shimmer) and finally #378 (matte)

I'm unsure about the 2nd and 4th eyeshadows numbers because the girl put them in the palette for me and the receipt doesn't give much info, and they aren't in the same order. I also tried to take one of the shadows out, but the magnet is so strong and I can't :/

Finally, onto the nail polish! This is #546 :)

This is a gorgeous black base with stunning royal blue shimmer. I love it! I applied 2 coats and its completely opaque. It features a thin brush which makes application easy.

The palette cost $50 which is very reasonable considering the price of MAC eyeshadows, and I would say these would be up there in comparison to MAC, especially considering the texture, which is very soft, the pigmentation which is fantastic and how easy these are to work with.

The lipgloss was $6, normally $2o, and the nail polish was $5, normally $15. How could I say no to that!

I am veryyy happy with my purchases :D

Also, today I ordered some more stuff from Cherry Culture, I can't wait to get more goodies in the mail!

Thanks for looking! xxx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oriental Diva Contest Entry!

This is my entry to Liloo and Co's Oriental Diva contest. This is the first time I have tried anything like this and I had so much fun with it! Here is a link to the contest:

I used some of my new Aromaleigh shadows for this one! :D

Aromaleigh Poison Utopia
Aromaleigh Mourning's Whimsy
Aromaleigh Orchid
Aromaleigh Cricket
NYX Black Bean Jumbo Pencil
NYX Black Eyeshadow
1000 Hour False Lashes
Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

Bourjois Blush- 34 Rose D'pr
NYX Lipstick- Gem
Inglot Sleek Lipgloss- #43 (gold shimmer in centre of lips)

Thanks for looking! Good luck to everyone that entered the contest, great prizes up for grabs. Hope you all like! :D xxx

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poison Utopia!

This is my look from yesterday when I was heading to a tattoo/car show. Here's what I came up with while playing with my first Aromaleigh order!

  • NYX Black Bean Jumbo Pencil
  • NYX Black Eyeshadow
  • Aromaleigh Poison Utopia Eyeshadow
  • Aromaleigh Mourning Whimsey Eyeshadow
  • NYX Liquid Liner
  • Rimmel Eye Kohl - Jet Black
  • Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara
  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
  • Covergirl Trublend Foundation
  • Translucent Powder
  • Bourjois Blush #16 Rose
  • MAC Mineralize Blush Duo - Moon River
  • Random clear glittery gloss

  • Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think :D

    Sarah xxx

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Mini Update!

    Today I started my new job. I think it went pretty well :) yay!

    Anyway, I decided I really needed some neutral eyeshadows, just for something nice and easy I can wear to work or if I'm not feeling very inspired. I had been doing some looking around for neutral mac eyeshadows and dupes for them as I don't have a whole lot of $$$. Anyway, I found some reviews on Inglot makeup and, seeing as I conveniently have a store located where I live, I decided I HAD to buy a palette :D

    I have been there a few times before, and have a few of their products (gel liner, loose pigments and some lashes, but thats it). So today I went there, and filled a 5 pan eyeshadow palette with gorgeous neutral shades.

    Also, while I was at work today, something came in the mail! I returned home to find a lovely little yellow package patiently waiting on the kitchen table for me to rip it open! Inside I found my Aromaleigh order! I paid for it on the 2nd June, and got it today on the 10th! Super fast shipping!

    Anyway, I bought 13 eyeshadow samples, and got 3 free samples with the order. And OH MY GOD... VISUAL ORGASM!!!!

    All the colours I got are SUPER sparkly and oh so pretty! And one of the free samples I got is the most unique colour I have seen in quite some time. Never seen anything like it! In the sample baggie it looks like a pastel baby yellow... swatch it and it is a gorgeous mixture of a pale yellow with blue highlights! Its so different yet so intriguing... I don't even know how to wear this colour, but I am determined to find an awesome combo :)

    So I basically just wanted to update and let you know I have a haul/swatch post coming up veryyy soon, along with many prettyfull FOTD/EOTD's :D

    Sarz xxx

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Enchanted Danger

    Hey all, this is a look I did today inspired by the gorgeous Zoffe. I basically recreated one of her looks using my Heavenly Naturals eyeshadows. I did this on the weekend and loved how it turned out, and re-did it just so I could take pics and show you guys! These colours are gorgeous!

    Naked Eyeshadow Base
    MAC Push The Edge pigment
    Heavenly Naturals Enchantress
    Heavenly Naturals Danger
    Heavenly Naturals Logic
    Heavenly Naturals Diva
    Heavenly Naturals Pot O Gold
    NYX Black Bean Eye Pencil
    NYX Black Eyeshadow
    NYX Liquid Eyeliner - Black
    Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner- Black
    Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

    Australis Bronzer/Highlight Duo (not sure what its called)
    Bourjois Blush - #16 Rose

    Australis Concealer - Medium
    Covergirl Nude Shine Lipstick

    Everyone head over to and check out their products!

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Heavenly Natural Beauty Review and Swatches!

    I would like to share with you guys the amazingness that is Heavenly Natural Beauty. It was quite a while back that I bought my first lot of their eyeshadows, and I have to say, I was impressed. They have a HUGE range of colours and textures to choose from and also sell face and lip products, as well as brushes, bath and body products AND perfume! They are sure to have something for everyone.

    Ok, onto the swatches:

    (Left = swatched over NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil/ Right = No Base)

    Top to Bottom:

    Cha Cha, Danger, Pot O Gold, Logic, Panic, Hypnotic, Superstar, Genius, Deep Ocean, Diva, Enchantress, Furious, Sugar & Spice.

    Please click the images for a larger view!

    (Top to bottom)
    Superstar, Genius, Deep Ocean, Diva, Enchantress, Furious, Sugar & Spice.

    (Top to bottom)
    Cha Cha, Danger, Pot O Gold, Logic, Panic, Hypnotic, Superstar

    These two (and Pot O Gold) were free samples sent with my order. With You (left) and Fairytale (right).

    Cha Cha: "This Pigment beautiful pigment is a sparkly peach with hints of golden glimmer. Very sparkley".

    Danger: "Danger Eye Candy is a dangerously desirable intense color, not for the meek or mild. If you have a bit of a wild side then you'll love this color, it is not a usual everyday run of the mill sort of color. But then again you are not an everyday run of the mill sort of person. So get some today!

    Danger is a vibrant Orange with golden undertones and highlights."

    Pot O Gold: Pot O Gold Eye Candy is a sparkly shimmery Gold which pairs up nicely with many colors including purples, blues, even black. Pot O Gold has a nice glittery shimmer. A nice compliment to all skin tones.

    Logic: Logic Eye Candy, is a beautiful translucent pigment that is yellow with a very sparkly light gold under tone, very flattering.

    Panic: Panic Eye Candy is a delicious green which pairs up nicely with many colors including purples, blues, even black. Panic has a nice shimmer but is not overly glittery. A very pretty green.

    Hypnotic: Hypnotic Eye Candy is a stunning green with a slight teal feel. A very Pretty color, it is matte, so it is not shimmery.

    Superstar: Superstar Eye Candy is and amazing intense blue. A very unique color that goes well with many combinations including other blues, greens, purples, it would look great with gold too.

    Genius: Intense deep navy blue. Use this color for an exciting new twist on the smokey eye.

    Deep Ocean: Deep Ocean Eye Candy is a very vibrant Opaque blue, use sparingly for a slight hint of color or use a lot for and intense true blue.

    Diva: This Pigment is a lovely true deep purple. This is a great color for any girl, bust especially great for those who happen to have hazel or green eyes.

    Furious: Furious Eye Candy is a intense and fiery black with hints of glorious reds and purples.

    Sugar & Spice: This Pigment beautiful pigment is a mysterious color it looks like a light muted lavander color but when you put it on it turns a fiery purplish copper color. Very nice color.

    * Enchantress wasn't on the site. I guess its no longer available.

    I found the matte colours (Deep Ocean and Hypnotic) to be extremely difficult to work with. They appear incredibly pigmented, but it is quite difficult to place the colour, and blending is almost out of the picture. I also thought Hypnotic was a bit on the chalky side. Definately wouldn't recommend these two, but I'm not sure if their other mattes are similar.

    As for all the others, they are fantasticly pigmented and very easy to work with. I would definately recommend their eyeshadows to anyone interested in makeup.

    I have only purchased the sample sizes, both in baggies and in jars, and they definately contain a reasonable amount of eyeshadow that will last quite some time. I can't remember exactly how long shipping took, but I as far as I can remember, the packages arrived in decent time.

    My faves are Diva, the most gorgeous purple, and Danger, a stunningly bright orange!

    I never realised how pretty Genius was until I made these swatches. Definately going to use that one more often.

    Would I purchase again? Most definately :D

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I purchased all products besides the free samples they send with each order. These are 100% my honest opinions.

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Interview Appropriate Makeup

    This is my take on interview appropriate makeup. I'm not saying this is the only makeup acceptable at all, everyone is different. This is what I wore to my job interview last week and I got the job! :D

    Please click the pictures for a larger view =]

    I started off with the eyes. Lately instead of using a liquid or gel liner I have been using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean on an angled eyeliner brush (Sigma ss266). So I got some of the Black Bean on the brush and applied it to my upper lashline, starting about halfway in and sweeping to where the eye finishes. I then got more on the brush and did the same thing on the lower lashline, but starting on the outside and sweeping inwards so that most of the product is on the outer part of the lashline. Then, with whatever was left on the brush, I softly dragged the black bean downwards on the outer part of the lashline where the line was thickest. This blends it out so it isn't a harsh line.

    I then wiped the brush clean and used NYX's Black eyeshadow to set the Black Bean pencil. Once I had done that I used a small pencil brush (Sigma ss219) and softly ran that along the lower lashline, at the very edge of the liner, this softens the line even more. You can even use a small amount of face powder at this step, if you wish, to help you blend.

    I then used NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (white) to line my water line. You can use any white eyeliner for this step. This will open your eyes up and make you look more awake. I didn't bother, but you can set this with a matte white eyeshadow if you want it to stay all day.

    The next step is mascara. I use Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara and I love it. For me, it really separates and lengthens my lashes.

    Next do your face makeup, whether its full foundation, just concealor with powder, or just powder on its own. What ever makes you feel comfortable. If you're going to do full foundation, make sure your foundation colour is right for your skin tone, or you will just look silly. Also, please don't go overboard! Noone is going to want to hire you if you look like a clown or an oompa loompa!

    To top it off, use a NATURAL looking blush (if you wish) that suits your skin tone. So, obviously if you're very pale, don't use anything too red or too dark. I used one by Bourjois (16 Rose) that is a coral/peach type colour. I love Bourjois blushes because they are scented, I guess its somewhat florally, but its a nice effect :)

    Also, If you really want, you can add a highlight to the cheeks and/or fill in your brows, but this is totally up to you. In these photos I have used MAC's Moon River Mineralize Blush as a highlight, but only with a very light hand. I'm not sure if you can even tell.

    I recommend leaving lips natural. I have simply used a lip balm to make sure they aren't all dry looking.

    The number 1 tip I can give anyone for a job interview is to be yourself and smile! :D

    I hope this is helpful to some people. Over the next couple of days I will be adding Heavenly Natural Beauty eyeshadow review and swatches.

    Thanks for looking! xx

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    The "I Got The Job!" look =]

    I recently got a new job :D This is the makeup I did the day after I found out I was offered a position, nice and colourful to match my happy mood!

    I used lots of pigments for this one

    NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- Milk
    Heavenly Naturals- Logic (yellow)
    Glamour Doll Eyes- Lime Light Pie (lime)
    Heavenly Naturals- Panic (green)
    Glamour Doll Eyes- Fabulous (light blue)
    Heavenly Naturals- Genious (darker blue)
    NYX Black eyeshadow
    Sugarbaby Blue Blink (greenish/gold shimmer, over the black in the crease)
    Heavenly Naturals Diva (purple)
    NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- Black Bean (as liner with NYX black eyeshadow on top to set)

    On my face is nothing special, just covergirl concealer with face powder, bourjois blush #16 Rose. On my lips is NYX Vitamin lipstick with a random clear-ish gloss.

    I'm thinking about doing swatches of the heavenly naturals eyeshadows I own because they really are beautiful and great quality. Also, if anyone is interested I could post my everyday makeup/job interview appropriate makeup. Thoughts... yay or nay??

    Thanks for looking! =]