Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haul! Inglot + MAC :)

Helloooo all! I'm still alive, and have been pretty busy lately. I haven't posted any looks lately because I seem to have lost my inspiration. More than once, I would be doing my eye makeup.. completely hate it then start again. I did this more than once a day and only stuck with one look because I didnt have time to change it again or I was too over it to care anymore.

But I'm slowly starting to get my groove back :)

I went to Sydney last weekend for Soundwave, a festival jam packed with all kinds of alternative, heavy metal, rock bands.

This was the second year in a row that I attended, and it was AMAZING both times. I had the best weekend of my life, from going to the festival and seeing amazing bands, to staying with my cousins in their 1.5 million dollar pad then spending a day of shopping at a huuuge Westfield shopping centre! AWESOME weekend!

Anyway, enough rambling.. here's my makeup haul from the shopping trip :)

Inglot Square 5 Eyeshadow Palette:

(L to R) #62, #501, #496, #59, #72

(L to R) #62, #501, #496, #59, #72

I believe all these eyeshadows to be the 'double sparkle' finish :)

Inglot 4 Blush Palette:

(L to R) #35, #29, #34, #52

The first and third colours are, I assume, double sparkle finish like the eyeshadows. The second and fourth colours are matte :)

Inglot AMC Lipgloss:

Let me just say this product is amazing! They have about 6 or 7 different shades of these, and every single one is so unique! I have seen these at Inglot before, but only now have purchased one. They have this amazing glow to them.. I have no idea how to describe it...

I'll let the photos do the talking!

Amazing right?!?

MAC Wonder Woman:

I controlled myself with this collection and only bought 2 things! So proud.

MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite Blush:

(There you can see the awesome new camera my cousin gave me, soo good for swatches :D)

MAC Reflects Pearl Glitter:

Sparkle Sparkle!

I absolutely love everything I bought and will hopefully have some new looks coming up with these products!

Let me know in the comments if you picked up anything from the Wonder Woman collection, or what products you love from Inglot.

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  1. Ooh we both got the same 2 products from the wonder woman collection!
    Is the westfield you went to the Bondi Junction one? I went there when I was over in Sydney and I was so overwhelmed by how massive it was!

  2. omg, i need an inglot's near me!!! what amazing products, i keep seeing so many things that i need in my collection...that GLOSS!!! it's like holographic, so lovely....and i want that eyeshadow palette


  3. I want to try Inglot so badly !

    I bought just the Lady Justice palette from the Wonder Woman collection, I kinda love it :)
    I am jelous that you could get the glitter! If i had more money i would definitely want to check the glitter out :)

  4. Oooooooh, that Inglot looks too good be be true! Love the #59 and the gloss. I also gave you a blogger award! Check it out if you like!

  5. I was thinking of going to Soundwave this year with the boy but we ended up deciding against it. In hindsight I probably should of gone and I would of had a blast :( lol. That vivid Inglot lime is a crazy colour - wow! I've been thinking of getting another eyeshadow and a blush palette from Inglot, think I migh have to leave it for a bit though because they're hardly cheap :(

  6. Oh man, I'm totally jealous! I want some Inglot soooooo bad!
    Luckily I'm heading down to LA with my boyfriend for spring break and he is (grudgingly) gonna take me to Newport Beach for the Inglot store!! :DDDDDD
    Can't wait to break the bank ahahhaha!

  7. I love the mighty aphrodite face powder, I can't wait til it comes out so I can buy it :) x

  8. @Kelly, Yes it was the Bondi Junction one! Its huuuge! I dont think we go close to seeing the whole shopping centre :) we must have great minds for grabbing the same 2 things from wonder woman lol :)

    @Socialitedreams, I LOVE Inglot! Its a shame you don't have one nearby! I'm not sure about international, but they will be at IMATS this year in Australia :D

    @BonesSharperThanDaggers, I knew I had to have that glitter! I wasn't really a big fan of the eyeshadow palettes, I wouldn't mind going back and getting one or 2 of the glosses tho :)

    @Rachel, Thankyou so much! Thats so sweet of you :)

    @Sophie, You definitely should have gone to Soundwave! It was such an awesome day :) I absolutely love the lime colour too! That was the main thing I wanted to go there for hehe, I'm still searching for a lime green nail polish that blows me away!

    @Widdlesh, Inglot is so amazing! Go crazy like I did! haha