Monday, August 9, 2010

MAC Pigment Haul + Swatches

As promised, here is my MAC pigment haul and swatches. I bought these from a wonderful, trusted seller I came across through Specktra. I'm sure many of you know who she is, Cheryl (1165Cheryl). She is sooo nice and very helpful :)

The sizes are 1/2 tsp! Soooo much!

These are the colours I got:

The cool thing is, when you buy 8, you get one free 1/4 tsp of mac pigment. She lets you suggest a few colours you would like for the freebie, then she randomly picks one you suggested so it turns up as a suprise! My freebie was Blue, and I absolutely LOVE it :)

Have a look at how generous these sample sizes are!

This is the business card that came with my order

The samples were packages very nicely. They all had tape around them to make sure none spilt, and one thing I'm very pleased with is the fact the tape did NOT leave any annoying sticky residue after peeling it off. Not one little bit!

Shipping time was incredible!! Just less than a week to get all the way over to Australia :D

Cheryl has suchhh a huge range of MAC pigments to choose from, including rare and hard to find.. such as burnt burgundy. I'm SO glad I could get my hands on that! And they are 100% authentic. She keeps the receipts of her purchases and encourages people to ask to see them.

Nowww, onto some swatches...

Naked, Vanilla

Vanilla, Pink Opal

Naked, Vanilla, Pink Opal

Burnt Burgundy, Grape

Burnt Burgundy, Grape, Later (Alice + Olivia)

Blue, Partylicious (Alice + Olivia), Teal

Blue, Partylicious

Partylicious, Teal

All, with flash.

Please click to make images bigger, and apologies for any blurry shots :)

I plan on doing a few looks using these pigments in the next few weeks, keep an eye out!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, Burnt Burgundy is so gorgeous! Might have to make an order myself!

  2. I've been considering ordering more samples recently, myself. I have about 20 full sized jars, but good lord, I'll neeever use that amount!

    And, omg, Burnt Burgundy *drools* Do want!

    Do you contact her right through Specktra? I'm going to go stalk her profile right now haha

  3. Haha I think you's should both make an order!

    Yeah, you can contact her through Specktra, just send her a private message. She's so friendly and nice!