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Products/Collections I'm looking forward to!

After doing a little bit of research and looking around, I am growing a wishist of products from upcoming MAC collections. I am getting seriously excited about this stuff, although it will take forever to make its way here to Australia.

I put ** at the beginning of the products I'm interested in!

Here are the collections:

1. MAC Fashion Flower


Summer Shower
- Light aqua (Glaze)

Mlle - Light white pink (Glaze)

**Ever hip - Bright creamy coral (Creemsheen)

Growing Tend - Mid-tone taupe nude (Amplified Creme)

Now in Season - Pale yellow with pearlized pigment

Fashionflower - Pale pink with pearlized pigments
**Budding Beauty - Pale coral with pearlized pigments

Lucky Green - Frosted mid-tone lime (VP)
Fresh Daisy - Frosted mid-tone yellow white (Frost)
Bows&Curtsey -Metallic hunter green (Satin)

Aqua - Aqua blue (Matte)
Free to be - Bright true coral (Matte)
Groundcover - Mid-tone warm grey (Matte)

Studio fix lash
Bold Black - Deep intense black

Penultimate eye liner
Rapid black -
Pure black

Beauty powder
Light sunshine - Pastel neutral pink with soft gold and pink sparkles

**Alpha girl - Soft peachy pink with gold nuances

2. MAC Semi-Precious

(The collection I'm most excited about!! HELLOOO MSF's!!)


Gem of Roses - Mid tone strawberry pink (Lustre)


Lush Amber - Light nude beige (Lustre)

One of a Kind - Mid tone rosy neutral (Lustre)

**Musky Amethyst - Deep plum (Frost)

Creamsheen Glass

Geo Pink - Strawberry pink

**Natural Flare - Light caramel nude

Pure Magnificence - Light grey pink

Look Like Sin - Mid tone reddish plum

Richly Revered - Deep brown plum

Mineralize Blush

Feeling Flush - Melange pink, deep blue pink and soft brown

**Warmth of Coral - Melange peach and coral

**Pressed Amber - Melange nude, beige and brown

Mineralize Skinfinish
**Semi precious pearl - Base: beige champagne / Inner circle: white, plum, bronze

Semi precious crystal pink - Base: pink champagne / Inner circle pink,mid tone green, bronze
Semi precious rose quartz - Base: rosy pink / Inner circle; silver, lime, white pink copper

128 Brush - split fibre Cheek brush
179 Brish - split fibre Angled buffer brush

234 Brush- split fibre blending brush
235 Brush- split fibre all over eye brush

Mineralize Eye Shadow
Blue Sheen - Melange: navy, black and peach
**Dark Indulgence - Melange: forest green and black

**Smokey Ruby - Melange: burgundy and black
**Golden Glaze - Melange: gold and black
Rare Find - Melange: violet, brown and gold
**Jade's Fortune - Melange: bright yellow, blue, lime,and black
Mint of sapphire - Melange: pink violet, teal, copper, and blue
Faux Gold - Melange: coral, gold, lime and bronze
Quartz Fusion - Melange: soft pink, silver, and deep pink

Unsurpassable - Melange: green, teal, purple, and copper
Clarity - Melange: white, copper, and grey (we're aware of this discrepancy, check back soon for correct desc)
Mineral Mode - Melange: white, copper and grey (we're aware of this discrepancy, check back soon for correct desc)

Zoom Fast Black Lash - Deepest Black

Mineralize Charged Water
Revitalizing energy - this refreshing hydrating mist rebalances the complexion and instantly replenishes the skin. infused with minerals that are essential in helping skin stay healthy and young looking

Mineralize Face + Body Lotion

This gentle non-sensitive rich moisturizing lotion can be used on the face and body and is free of fragrance and color.

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder


Magically Cool Liquid Powder

**Truth and Light -
Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink (Perm)
Cajun - Sheer broze shimmer that reflects gold (Perm)

Honey Rose - Sheer rosy beige with multi-dimensional shimmer (Perm)

These powders will now be permanent! Heck yes!!!

MAC Surf Baby


**Hibiscus Bright orange coral (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
Naturally Eccentric [Repromote] Creamy white nude (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
Mocha [Repromote] Peachy yellow-brown (Satin) (Permanent)
Bust Out! Dirty mid-tone violet (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

*Saffron Deep coral caramel (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Short Shorts Frosty white champagne (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Sun Blonde Dirty yellow gold (Frost) (Limited Edition)
*Surf USA Frosted teal (Frost) (Limited Edition)
**Swell Baby Mid-tone grey (Satin) (Limited Edition)

*Girl on Board Pale white gold (Limited Edition)
*Good Loving Soft peachy pink (Limited Edition)
Krazy Kahuna Warm mid-tone brown (Limited Edition)
*Strange Potion [Repromote, Venomous Villans] Soft coral pink (Limited Edition)

Beach Girls
**My Paradise Warm coral with golden hibiscus embossed on (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
Blue Moon Teal (Limited Edition)
Gilded White Shimmering off-white (Limited Edition)

Splashproof Lash Mascara

Pressed Powder
Lush-Light Bronze
Gold Go Lightly

Crushed Metallic Pigments
**Summer Stash Light pink champagne, light white pearl, light violet with silver pearl, brown bronze with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
**Surf the Ocean Frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, dirty graphite with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

239 Eyeshader

Nail Polish
Hangin Loose Dirty pink nude (Limited Edition)
Ocean Dip Mid-tone creamy aqua (Limited Edition)

Bronzer Stick
Gilty Bronze Coppery bronze with gold shimmer (Limited Edition)
Billionaire Bronze Warm golden tan (Limited Edition)


MAC Flighty



Big Bounce Shadow

Free as Air (Light Blue)

Spread the Wealth (Mid-tone Olive)

Rich, Sweet (Chocolate Taupe)

Extra Charged (Turquoise)

**Count Your Assets (Decadent Purple)

My Next Indulgence (Forest Green)

Trophy (Soft Peach)

**Rich Thrills (Mid-tone Silver)

Good Fortune (Soft Pink)

**Sizzlin' Diva (Copper)

**Luxury Touch (Violet)

Light (Cream)

**Chocolate (Gold)

Bright (Peach)

Zoom lash-

Green is green- Jade-green mascara, to accomplish colorful lashes.


#7- Hand-made lashes with natural length.

Note: all information and images sources from and

I'm definitely most looking forward to the Semi-Precious collection! All those mineralized goodies... love!

The one thing that has really disappointed me about any of these new products is the packaging for Surf Baby.. to me it looks so cheap and tacky, and rather childish :/ I know some people are fans of this packaging and thats perfectly fine! I wish I did like it, but I simply don't. Everyone has their own opinions :)

Are you looking forward to any of these collections? Why? Also, I'd love to know what you think of the Surf Baby packaging?

Thanks dolls!


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  1. Im excited for ALL of them! lol The Surf Baby packaging reminds me of Roxy, it doesnt really fit with the MAC image.. but im from Hawaii so im a sucker for anything that looks surfer or hawaiian haha