Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tony Bianco Love.

These, ladies and gents, are my new love.

Introducing Tony Bianco Firelli's!

These are my first pair of Tony Bianco's, and I must say, I was very impressed with their service, as I bought them online.

I payed for them late at night on the 24th and received them yesterday on the 27th. Thats 3 days! I was a very happy girl when they were delivered on a saturday (I didn't even know that was possible here)

And here is what I pulled out of the big postage bag!
They were packaged in a cute white bag..

Then in a cute white box...

Note: They came individually wrapped in plastic sleeves, with the padding stuff for protection as well as those little silica bag thingies :/

This was after I unwrapped :)


"Leather strappy sling back with 13.5cm high wedge"

On my toes is China Glaze Sun Worshiper from the Poolside collection.

I bought the wedges here:

They are worth AU $169.95, but I managed to grab them while they had 10% off and free shipping. Soo happy :)

Annnd thats my new shoes :D

Thanks for looking lovelies!

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