Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey all! I recently bought some contacts through an online site, and wanted to share with you!

I grabbed 2 pairs, shown below!

I just want to say that my natural eye colour is a pretty dark brown. Look how amazing these contacts are, they cover them completely!

CREATE 3 Tone Aqua

I seriously, seriously LOVE having these in. Every time I catch myself in the mirror I don't want to look away from my eyes! They amaze me :)

They look slightly blue-ish here, but they are pure white!

Link to the site:

Link to 3 tone Aqua:

Link to Zombie:

The company that is running this site is New Zealand based. The currency on the website is USD.

The Aqua pair cost $19.95 and the Zombie pair were $40.95.

I believe that to be incredibly cheap!

I do, however, find shipping to be a littttle expensive if you want to be confirmed with a tracking number. Regular shipping with every order is $8.95.
If you want a tracking number or to have them expess posted, you have to add that to your cart BEFORE checkout.

E.M.S shipping with Track and Trace is an extra $19.95 on top of the regular shipping.
Express Shipping with Track and Trace is an extra $34.95 on top.

Anyway, my order came to $94.75 for 2 pairs of contacts, a case (which unfortunately dont come with your lenses) and track and trace shipping. It could be worse!

My order arrived in about 4 days, which I'm extremely happy with! The communication was great too. I got an email thanking me for my order and confirming the date of shipment.

I would definitely order from them again! The contacts feel great in and I haven't had a problem. Go check them out, huuuge range to choose from!


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