Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun with polish :D

Today I just felt like playing playing around with some polishes, and trying out a few combo's.

^ OPI - Yoga To Get This Blue ^

^ With flash ^

^ Sinful Colours - Hottie ^ (one coat)

^ LA Colours - Shocker ^

^ With flash ^

^ OPI - Ink ^ (click to enlarge)

^ OPI - Yoga To Get This Blue + Sinful - Hottie ^

^ Sinful - Hottie ^ (two coats)

^ LA Colours - Shocker + Sinful - Hottie ^

^ With flash ^

^ OPI - Ink + LA Colours - Shocker ^

^ OPI - Ink + Sinful - Hottie ^
^ With flash ^

^The combination of OPI - Ink + LA Colours - Shocker with a random craft glitter over the top^

^ With flash ^

As usual, these photo's don't do the colours justice.

My favourite combination was probably Ink + Shocker. It created the most gorgeous, vibrant, stunning purple with a hint of blue shimmer. It was amazingggg.

I also really liked Hottie layered over Yoga To Get This Blue, which resulted in amazing glittery blue hotness :D

The only thing I don't like about is having to remove Hottie. Its a bit of a pain trying to get rid of all the glitter. Other than that, I love that it doesn't feel like a chunky glitter polish like you might expect.

I bought the Sinful and LA Colours polishes from Cherry Culture at a really great price. Head over and check them out.

Let me know your favourite polish or polish combo in the comments :)

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