Friday, October 15, 2010


I seriously cannot believe the amount of FAKE MAC SHIT on ebay. Its ridiculous!

And the amount of people bidding on these items is even MORE ridiculous!

I honestly wish I could post a comment on the auction pages saying to the stupid bidders that its all fake.

Does this look even remotely real to you?
Its even listed as a Pro item...WTF?!

Orrrr this?? Also listed as Pro by the same seller.

eBay Image Hosting at

eBay Image Hosting at

A 180 palette, listed as MAC, 20 bids...$75?!?!

eBay Image Hosting at

"Was $100 Now reduced to $79.99!! Limited Offer, Must hurry!"

You have GOT to be kidding me!

I seriously can't believe people fall for this shit...

I really wish there was a way to get the message out there!

So.. have any of YOU been fooled?

Rant = fin.


  1. When I first got into Mac i tried to buy some pigments on Ebay.. I bought from one of those top seller ppl 5 of them for like 25$ and of course they were fake lol.. I learned my lesson!

  2. The amount of fakes on there is rediculous, just type in Barbie Loves Mac and all of a sudden there are like "mac" shadows with the barbie head in them even though there were only like 6 shades. The mac Hello Kitty stuff is even worse! I can see not knowing the difference for the pigments, they can be tricky, but obvious palettes? WTFFFFFF?! No way would mac use a friggin sponge tip applicator. And then there are the girls who say "well if it looks nice I'm going to buy it anyway" well woman, go to the dollar store. It's the same "awesome" quality and for a fraction of the price.

  3. I'm so glad I learnt about all the fakes before I got THAT into it, and before I could afford it anyway :)

  4. I haven't got anything fake, but damn. This post is full of win! These seller's are trolling hard! And, personally, I think it's the buyer's fault for not doing a little research.. especially for bidding on Ebay. But, I can completely understand when they did stuff that looked legit like the old pigment jars! Some of that stuff was done like fine art.

  5. I just found this 180-palette + brushes! WHAT A DEAL! ;D

  6. I know this is an extreeeeme late post:) But for the girl above-mac doesn't make 20 palettes or 180 palettes...also if buying brushes that claim to be mac-watch out for those brush rolls (def fakes.) There is a ton of info on sites now about how to tell real pigments from fakes and how to tell fake mac from real macs. I did get scammed into buying a fake pigment, but got refunded after I saw that the stopper was in a cone shape and not flat :/ Felt sooo ripped off, even though I got my $$$ back