Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sigma - Make Me CRAZY! Brush Set

Hello my amazing followers!

Yesterday, I finally received my Sigma Make Me Crazy Brush set after winning Bubblegarm's (go follow her!) contest with this look:

The contest winners were announced on the 27th Jan, 2011. If you're wondering why it took so long to get my brushes, its because I'm a complete moron and somehow left out some vital information when I sent Sigma my address.

I was devastated when I realised, contacted them immediately and told them my mistake. They replied telling me the brushes should be returned to them, and when they do, they would resend them to my correct address. The lovely staff over at Sigma are amazing, and did just that!

Introducing... amazing purple brushes!!!!

Cutest little note! :)

Just LOOOOK at how gorgeous these brushes are!

I'm so in love with them! :)

If you're interested in buying these brushes, or checking out the other colours they have, click here!

I got the Sigma complete kit with brush roll for christmas a couple of years ago, which is essentially these same brushes, but black. I quickly compared them last night after opening my package, and noticed there are some slight differences in the brushes.

Would any of you be interested in me comparing/reviewing the 2 sets?
Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Your look is immense! I'd love a break down of products you used for your look. How did you do your lips?! Lovely. I would like a post comparing the two sets, I'm thinking more and more about buying a set myself x

  2. Im loving the purple handles! I got the Make Me Classy set! I know.. boring black.. but I am really happy with how the brushes work so Im probably going to be buying another set soon =)

  3. Great look, love the eye makeup. What a super win too, great prize.